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Delivering our customers exceptional service and value  since 1999.


Lonely Planet

Enhancing Lonely Planet's platform capabilities, customer experience and competitive position. 

Lonely Planet sought to optimise its online user experience amidst a growing base of dedicated travelers, rising competition and an extensive but fragmented resource library.

Following a strategic review, NetReturn delivered an Endeca IAP solution to enhance global search capability, synchronise data across multiple systems, increase multi-product purchases and solidify Lonely Planet's top ranking in the global travel guide market. 


increase in

click-through rate


increase in

conversion rate


increase in users attracted to site

"Every once in a while if you're lucky, you get to work with partners this good.


NetReturn Consulting were helpful, hard-working, smart and did exactly what they said they were going to do each time. That kind of reliability is the coin of the realm in this business."

Nick Thorpe, Project Manager

Lonely Planet
Catholic Care

Catholic Care

Repositioning Catholic Care's digital offering into a more customer-centric experience

CatholicCare needed to rework its site in consideration of its unique audience, new industry rules and increased competition. 

NetReturn Consulting mapped client profiles and user journeys, aligning their strategy to the future growth of the organisation. The result? A UX informed site with a fresh look and feel; streamlined navigation and enhanced search and map functionality; and a tailored content management system, empowering CatholicCare with greater control over their online content. 

With a tangible boost in digital visibility, audience engagement and a streamlined interface, CatholicCare were not only relieved from routine tasks, but able to focus on other strategic endeavours and adapt to shifting audience and industry demands.


Auditing PokitPal's online systems so they could focus on what they do best

Amidst a growing network of universities, students, and advertisers, PokitPal needed to bolster and expand their online capabilities. But how could they propel growth and sustain their leading market position whilst upholding seamless service and support?

Following a strategic review, NetReturn conducted a meticulous audit of their production system. To optimise performance, robust procedures for application management and error control were established.

The ensuing development phase yielded a comprehensive, technology-agnostic solution, meticulously tailored to the new university year within deadline and budget.


As the leading market player, PokitPal now delivers an elevated customer and advertiser experience, empowering them to concentrate on propelling business expansion.

“For the first time we are heading towards the university O week in February 2013 with a solid profit offering for universities and students alike”

Fraser Duddy, Managing Director



The Association of South East Asian Nations

ASEAN were in need of an optimised portal to facilitate registration, record keeping, student training and certification, whilst connecting students with industry jobs across all ten states.

Through comprehensive stakeholder management and analysis, NetReturn developed a job matching portal between the industry and qualified ASEAN Tourism Professionals.


This paved the way for tourism professionals, who could now access intra-regional opportunities and greater professional pathways, whilst boosting the industry with an increased cadre of quality, trained staff. Tourism schools also benefited through higher graduate employment rates of qualified, accredited tourism professionals. Finally, ASEAN were able to boost their revenue through charging the industry for this optimised service.

Wyong Shire Council

Continually developing the Council's online presence via evolving content, strategy and branding

Wyong Shire Council sought to revive their online presence through upgraded informational architecture and design, as well as continual maintenance and support to a fixed budget.

By keeping the content fresh and relevant to the audience and encouraging users to interact with the site, NetReturn increased site visitors by 110% in six months.

But the process didn't end there. NetReturn tailored their support service so Wyong Shire Council could concentrate on their operations with the confidence that their online investment would continue to grow.

"The website maintenance service provided has been first class, as has been the case throughout the project. NetReturn Consulting have been a delight to work with & quickly came to terms with our organisation. Service has always been pleasant, helpful & willing to go the extra yard without a grumble."

Ian Roberts, Communication Officer

Wyong shire council

"NetReturn Consulting's approach and delivery was consultative and collaborative.


Communication was clear and concise and deliverables were well defined. They are extremely responsive and easy to work with."

Anne Stasinowsky, Development Effectiveness Manager

Coffey International


Incentive Fund Project (AusAID commission)

Coffey International Development sought a dependable partner for database and web development for Incentive Fund Project. NetReturn worked closely alongside Coffey to understand their objectives: stakeholder access levels, user-friendliness and leveraging existing information repositories.

NetReturn oversaw project management, website design, HTML/CSS coding and user-friendly templates for staff to generate reports, update databses and make website updates. These solutions were designed to withstand PNG's conditions with exceptional uptime.

The result? An on time and in budget full design to delivery of a large-scale, flagship AusAID program database and website. Praised by AusAID and I.F Board, the deliverables supported a US$100+ million grants program for national government, civil society and the private sector.


Enhancing Lonely Planet's platform capabilities, customer experience and competitive position. 

CareerOne were facing a drop off in candidate usage given their limited online functionality and this risked their market position and revenue stream from advertisers.

NetReturn integrated a Java-based CMS system with an Adicio job search engine, ensuring only highly relevant content is provided to searching candidates. Alongside this, a modernised corporate portal was developed to provide a central point for internal information, enabling staff to work from multiple devices and locations concurrently. Alongside this, NetReturn delivered a refreshed website redesign to reflect CareerOne's corporate identity and optimise customer experiences through enhanced functionality, superior to competitiors' offerings. 


increase in

website usage

reduced IT and administrative hastles

increased customisation capability

"This is just the beginning of CareerOne's plan to be the number one career network in Australia and this new technology will get us there. The technology is unlike anything on the Australian market and is a giant leap forward for both job seekers and recruiters."

Dr Stephen Hollings, Chief Executive Officer


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